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Just a few words on God’s Economy. At GiveBack2God we filter every financial decision through a desire to please God. We recognize that we are temporary managers of what God has entrusted us, with our time, our talents and our treasure. As such, it is our primary goal to be faithful with our own time, talents and financial resources. It is also our desire to serve others by living generously. In God’s Economy we share His love with our gift of nutrient-rich almonds. To make that possible we need your help, so we provide opportunities to Give Back by helping you to harness your own TimeTalent and Treasures at GiveBack2God.Are you being faithful with all that God has entrusted you

Pals Tackle Hunger Relief

Central Valley native, Scott Brooks, Head Coach of NBA’s Washington Wizards.

“There is a big difference between not-hungry and well-nourished,” said Brooks, who, along with childhood friend, Mike Kooyman, is a founding board member of the nonprofit, hunger relief organization, GiveBack2God. Brooks and Kooyman met in 1969 (Kindergarten at French Camp School) and grew up in an almond-growing community in Central California, went to school together and worked together in the almond orchards during the high school years. The two were well aware of the nutritional value of nutrient-rich almonds, which provide a good source of both vitamin E and protein, and co-founded GiveBack2God in an effort to fill the nutritional void that exists for many families struggling with hunger. GiveBack2God provides individual servings of healthy, nutritious almonds to food banks throughout Northern & Southern California, and hunger relief efforts around the world.

Give Back 2 God made its first donation of 400,000 individually wrapped servings of almonds to the Los Angeles Food Bank. That was a huge success for founding board members Mike Kooyman, owner of Madi K’s, and Scott Brooks, head coach of the NBA Washington Wizards, who launched the 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. Give Back 2 God is now distributing over 500,000 servings of almonds per month to food banks and disaster relief organizations throughout the country.

Almonds are one of the world’s healthiest foods, high in protein and Omega 3′s, plus a host of essential vitamins and minerals. GiveBack2God fills a nutritional void for the poor and hungry in the U.S. and abroad by donating individually wrapped servings of California almonds through a network of qualified 501-c-3 hunger relief organizations.

Give Back to GOD is very proud of our two founders’ passion to Give Back.

From Soup to Nuts

Can the canned food drive
When I joined GiveBack2God I was naive. Food banks, I thought, were supplied by Can Food Drives and donations of overstock and nearly outdated breads and produce from local grocery stores. What I learned is that this perception could not be further from the truth. The task of supplying Food Banks is monumental, requiring bulk purchasing and statewide supply chains. Can Food Drives supply very little in the way of usable goods to satisfy the growing need of the hungry in your community.

Can Food Drives generate a mixed bag (excuse the pun) of items that Food Banks have a difficult time working into their menus. There are generally not enough of any one item to build a feeding plan around. As a result, Food Banks treat the product of Can Food Drives as “extras”, a little something extra that can be tossed in with the staples essential to feeding a family.

The founders of GiveBack2God, Mike Kooyman and Scott Brooks, had it right. They understood that that it was essential for any giving program to fill a nutritional void in a Food Bank’s food supply. This required both a large and sustainable supply of a highly nutritious food, and a distribution program that had the ability to fill 100% of a need in any given Food Bank program. Infrequent or irregular gifts did not help Food Banks meet the needs of the hungry in their community effectively.

Almonds are one of the most nutrient-rich foods on earth. They are compact, portable, and have a long shelf life. Donors who pull a $1.50 can of soup off their shelf and give that to a Can Food Drive supply 2 servings of 1 gram of protein. A $1.50 donation to Giveback2God, by contrast, produces 6 servings of almonds that supply 6 grams of protein each. By leveraging the generosity of some of California’s largest almond growers, you can help your local food bank deliver a sustainable source of protein, and a host of other essential vitamins and minerals, to the hungry and undernourished in your community.

Leverage your Treasure, Give Back.

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